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Hi,I am Zarik Daniel,Father of System Engine.Links are My true ambitions and dedcations for you :

1-1 Coding 1-2 Math 1-3 Chess 1-4 Pray 1-5 Bible Study 1-6 System Engine 1-7 Illuminati Engine 1-8 Uber/Lyft Driver Engine
2-2 GitHub 2-4 liChess 2-5 Mathematica
3-1 Lets work on NPN transistor Concepts 3-2 Not Gate 3-3 OR Gate 3-4 AND Gate
4-1 YouTube_Illuminati Research and Documantation 4-2 BitChute_Illuminati Research and Documantation
5-1 Quantum Computing IBM 5-2 Rubic Cube Platform 5-3 Speed Reading Platform 5-4 Auto Collision Industry
6-Swimming and Diving in Open Water Tutorial
7-1 360 Photo and Teleportation(AI base) Tutorial 7-2 Data Base App Coding
8---->Post on YouTube<---- Solve or Creat a math problem :)
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So Study Christ(Yahshua)messiah's Bible with me:

Pentateuch 1-Genesis 2- Exodus 3-Leviticus 4-Numbers 5-Deuteronomy Historic Books In the next row
6-Joshua 7-Judges 8-Ruth 9-First(1) Samuel 10-Second(2)Samuel 11-First(1)Kings 12-Second (2)Kings 13-First (1)Croniclse
14-First (2)Croniclse 15-Ezra 16-Nehemiah 17-Esther The Poetical Books 18-Job 19-Psalms 20-Proverbs
21-Ecclesiastes 22-Song of Solomon Prophetical Books 23-Isaiah 24-Jeremiah 25-Lamentations 26-Ezekiel 27-Daniel
28-Hosea 29-Joel 30-Amos 31-Obadiah 32-Jonah 33-Micah 34-Nahum 35-Habakkuk
36-Zephaniah 37-haggai 38-Zechariah 39-Malachi Massiah was born Historical_Synuptical 1-Matthew 2-Mark
3-Luke Historical_Doctrinal 4-John 5-Acts The Pauline Epistles 6-Romans 7-First(1)Corithans 8-Secons (2)Corithans
9-Galatians 10-Ephesians 11-Philippians 12-Colossians 13-First(1)Thessalonians 14-Second(2)Thessalonians 15-First(1)Timothy 16-Second(2)Timothy
17-Titus 18-Philemon 19-Hebrews The General Epistles 20-Jamse 21-First(1)Peter 22-Second(2)Peter 23-First(1)John
24-Second(2)John 25-Third(3)John 26-Jude Prophetical Book 27-Revelation ****** ****** ******